Student Council

The School Council forms an important part of the overarching HSLC inclusion agenda. It is part of the commitment to giving “student voice” to decision making and facilitating open communication between school leaders, staff and the student body. It provides a forum for issues to be raised by students and staff, concerns to be shared and planning to be fine-tuned and formulated.

The School Council meets half termly. Between meetings, a weekly drop in provision is available to students who wish to raise matters with the School Council, which are then brought to the half termly meeting for discussion. The School Council is overseen by an appointed member of staff, but is driven by the students, in the best interest of the student body they represent. In addition, an assigned member of the Local Governing Body meets with the council to listen to proposed projects and offer support and guidance where required.

The intention of the School Council is to provide a “real” mechanism for school change and to ensure that the students involved have a “real purpose” to its membership.

Student Council Members

Taylor S

Year 7

Chloe P

Year 7

Bella H

Year 7

Jemima S

Year 7

Riley W

Year 8

Tilly R

Year 8

Poppy J

Year 8

Katie H

Year 8

Charlotte W

Year 8

Rufus S

Year 9

Jenna C

Year 9

Ella S

Year 9

Isaac H

Year 10

Oliver S

Year 11

Evie D

Year 11

Becoming a Council Member

The HSLC School Council (Years 7-11) is made up of students who are elected representatives of their year group. Each year, all students have the opportunity to stand for election and must submit an expression of interest, outlining their reasons for wishing to stand for election. Initial applicants meet with the School Council lead so they have a clear understanding of the role, and are then put forward to the first round of polling, where each member of the year group votes for their preferred candidate. The field is thus reduced to a smaller field, which are then involved in a Campaign Week. During this week, the chosen candidates campaign on issues that they will promote, hold drop in clinics to meet their peers, create posters and also a short promotional film explaining in more depth why they wish to be a member of the final council. At the end of the Campaign Week, each year group votes again for their chosen candidate and 3 members of each year group are then elected to a final School Council of 15 students.

As a member of the School Council, as well as driving current agendas associated with the school, a representative can expect to: communicate regularly through different platforms to their peers, participate in Student Voice activities, Student Interview Panels for prospective staff, ‘meet and greet’ for potential students visiting the school, make links with other School Councils and support after school events.

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