Case Study - Daisy

I’m Daisy and I study Biology, Psychology and French.

A-levels are definitely challenging so you have to be genuinely interested in the subjects you take.  For me, I want to be a midwife so biology and psychology offer me a lot of transferrable knowledge  and gave me an advantage when applying for the course. 

In my opinion, the best thing about sixth form is that the classes are smaller so you have a really  good class-teacher rapport. My teachers are super supportive and always go out of their way to give  extra help if needed. Recently, my French class were able to organise our own trip to Paris with our teachers, there were 9 of us in total, and we had the best time together exploring the city and the language!

My advice to anyone starting sixth form would be always check back. If you don’t understand something in the lesson go over it straight after, don’t ignore it until exams when you have a ton of other revision get through!