Geography is a subject which will get you thinking, economically, politically and socially. It is a unique subject as it bridges the arts (human geography) and the sciences (physical geography).

What will you be learning?

Year 12 

Component 1: Physical Geography

Water & Carbon Cycles

We focus on major stores of water and carbon and the dynamic cyclical  relationships associated with them. These are major elements in the environment and understanding them is key to physical  geography.

Coastal Systems & Landscapes

This section focuses on coastal zones, which are environments in which landscapes develop by interaction of winds, waves, currents and sediments.


We study lithosphere and the atmosphere which present hazards to human  populations, often in dramatic fashion. By exploring the origin and nature of hazards and the various ways in which people respond to them, you will engage with many dimensions of the relationships between people and the environment.  

Year 13 

Component 2: Human Geography

Global systems & global governance

We look at globalisation, the economic, political and social changes associated with technology and other driving forces which are a key feature of the economy and society. Students engage with important dimensions of globalisation with focus on international trade and access to markets and global governance.

Contemporary urban environments

We focus on urban growth and change which present environmental and social challenges. We examine issues such as the potential for   environmental sustainability and social cohesion. Engaging with these themes in a range of urban settings from contrasting areas of the world provides  opportunity to appreciate human diversity and develop insight into profound questions of equity and sustainability.

Component 3: Geography Investigation

You are asked to write a piece of coursework between 3000 and 4000 words based on your area of interest. Your study will be independent, meaning you carry out your own primary and secondary research.

Fieldwork requirements        

This is the most exciting part of the course as you are able to focus on your area of interest. All students are required to       undertake fieldwork in relation to physical and human geography.        

How is it assessed?

Component 1: External exam, 2hrs30, 40%

Component 2: External exam, 2hrs30, 40%

Component 3: Coursework, 20%

All at the end of Y13

Entry Requirements

Minimum grade 6 in GCSE English & maths


Please speak to Mrs Hill