Case Study - Sophie

My name is Sophie and I study A-Level PE, geography and BTEC sport.

I chose these subjects because they were areas of particular enjoyment and interest to me.
I enjoy Sixth Form because of the relaxed environment in and out of lessons and I like the good bond between students and teachers which means that they are always wanting to help whenever you need them. 
I chose Hornsea Sixth Form because I already knew the teachers from my GCSE courses which has been really helpful. The practicality of Sixth Form being close to home means the journey doesn't take long and I get home earlier on a night. 
My advice is that if you are struggling to decide which courses to pick, choose the subjects which you enjoy the most as you will have to spend lots of time both in Sixth Form and at home to work towards them. It will be harder to do this if you don't enjoy the subjects you have picked. 



"The best thing about Sixth Form is the really good class-teacher rapport"



"There’s always help with anything you need, from studying to computer problems."


"I choose Sixth Form because I already knew my teachers from GCSE which has been really helpful"


"The support system in place is fantastic."