Art workshop at Hull College

Fifteen year 12 ART students attended a workshop at Hull College of Art on Mon 10th, Tues 11 and Wed 12th July. The sessions were delivered by a tutor from the art school. The sessions gave students the opportunity to work from a life model as well as still life and focused on their observational drawing skills. One of the students says...
'I really enjoyed doing art in a different environment to our normal classroom. Its a new experience. I was a bit nervous at first especially when I knew that we would be drawing from a life model. I learnt not be too worried about my drawing and to accept challenges.' Charlotte Wrightson year12
It was good to visit a few different exhibitions at Ferens, especially the 'skin' exhibition. I really enjoyed going to Humber Street Art Gallery, it was interactive which made it fun. It was a good experience to visit professional artist Adele Howitt's studio eleven on Humber Street. She is an artist that has been working with us at school so it was great to see her in her studio and gallery' Bronwyn Ratcliffe year 12