Formula 24

On 7th November the HSLC Formula 24 team took part in their second race. The team, supported by Mr Wilson, Mr Featherstone and Mr Saunby, travelled the 260 mile round trip to Rockingham international speedway. The Y10 racing drivers managed to complete only one lap each during the rushed practice (1 lap was about 5 minutes with an electric kit car on an international circuit )

The 1.5 hour race began at 1pm. We didn't fully understand the lottery starting grid but the organisers set us off from position 40 of 46?!

However, with consistent and well rehearsed driving, our team moved up the grid from 40 to 26!! A number of cars didn't last the full race and were stretchered off on a recovery vehicle but Morpheus made it to the end!

We were competing against the best of the UK as well as Europe and we didn't look out of place! A big well done to the team!



HSLC had a fantastic opportunity to take 6 students and the Formula 24 race car that they have been working on to a national conference at the English institute of sport in Sheffield today. The students were outstanding and our race car looked the business. The students also met Beth Tweddle MBE

Our Formula 24 team are making fantastic progress with the car this term. The car frame is built and the body work is well underway. Anticipation is now building as they approach race day on the 16th July!


Local and Community sponsorship for this project has been amazing and we have so many people to thank for their financial contributions as well as their time in supporting the project. The Formula 24 team are also proud to announce that they have been asked to represent Greenpower/Project Blyth at the 'Joining the Dots' 2017 The Careers and Enterprise Annual Company Conference in Sheffield on the 10th May 2017. A huge accolade for the school.