Year 6 Open Evening

Every year we hold a Y6 Open Evening for our prospective Y7 students and their parents/carers to attend. The evening is one of our favourite events in the school calendar as we love having the opportunity to demonstrate why HSLC is the school of choice for those across our catchment and beyond.
This year our Open Evening is being held on Thursday 30th September. For further details and to book your place please click here. 
  •  Do you have a football team for the Year 7’s?

YES – the PE Dept are still running after-school activities in-line with current government guidance so that it is safe for students (e.g. in bubbles, limited mixing)

  • How does the school keep in touch with parents? Can parents see the children’s timetable / homework etc.?

We use a product called Edulink to communicate with both Parents and students It’s not just for communications, it allows you to keep a close track of your children’s progress through Hornsea School. More information on Edulink One here

  • Do any of your buses go through Beverley?

YES! We are pleased to announce that we have a new bus service starting in the 2021-22 academic year which will start in Beverley and travel to Hornsea via Tickton and Routh. If you would like to register your interest in the new service, then please click HERE to complete a quick Google Form. We will use the details you provide to contact you once the route and timings are finalised.

  • The Year 6 Prospectus mentions a Twilight Bus Service for those pupils that want to do after-school activities. Does this apply to those students getting on the bus at Sproatley?

We currently use a local taxi service with an 8-seater for the Twilight bus route that covers Mappleton, Cowden, Withernwick and down to Aldbrough. If a student wishes to travel to Sproatley - we can look to extend this route if there is sufficient demand. However, as this route has limited seats at the moment they are offered on a first come first served basis. The Twilight Bus service is solely funded from the main school budget which means that we are not able to cover all villages as it’s not always viable - but we do our best to accommodate as many students as we can because we feel it is important to give all students the opportunity to take part in after school activities if they wish to.

  • Would the Sproatley bus be extended to Humbleton if any Humbleton children currently attending Sproatley join Hornsea School? Following a conversation with our transport provider they have advised that unfortunately we cannot alter the route to include a dedicated stop in Humbleton. The current route would not allow for this addition and would mean we could not make some of the other established pickups points.

It is still possible to access the service if students can be taken to one of the stops in Sproatley (the Village Hall and the Constable Arms).

  • Do you think there will be more opportunities to visit the school under the current climate?

We hope so! Our primary aim is to keep things as safe as possible, but we would hope to provide opportunities for the Year 6’s and parents to come in to see the school throughout the year.

  • For each subject are children placed in mixed ability groups or do SAT’s determine this?

In ‘normal times’ this is determined in conjunction with subject leaders (e.g. students are in sets in Maths and are in ‘bands’ for Languages, English and Science but are in mixed ability groupings in other subjects). This is done based on prior attainment after the first half-term (i.e. SATs). As you might expect, this year, in order to reduce the mixing of bubbles students are being taught in their tutor groups. As with everything at the moment - this is constantly under review.

  • Since we are unlikely to have a face-to-face Parents’ Evening due to Covid-19, how will parents be given the opportunity to question individual subject teachers about their child’s progress?

We are currently planning to hold our Parents’ Evenings on-site and face-to face. Although this will be very different to how we would usually run them, we are confident we can do this safely. We had a very successful “meet the SLT” event as part of the Y6 transition process last year which was run face-to-face, and we feel we have experience of running these events effectively.

  • What types of food are available to buy at lunch time?

You can see an example of the full Mellors menu here. Even with the changes because of Covid we are still offering hot meal and variation – not just “grab bags”. For example, on the day of our Virtual Open Evening you could choose from: Curry and rice; Pie and chips; Fresh packed salads; various sandwiches; Pasta with a tomato sauce; various pizzas. (as mentioned previously) you can use the Edulink app to see what your child has been eating at break / lunch time.

  • What A-Levels do you offer in your 6th Form?

We have a big offer – over 30 subjects were on the options form last year and our offer is constantly reviewed and updated (e.g. we added Criminology last year) We are the second biggest 6th form in the Local Authority and have been within the top three for progress in both Hull and the East Riding for the past few years now.Current 6th Form Prospectus here

  • Please could you give details on the SEND provision in place at Hornsea, and details of who I need to contact to find out more? Special educational provision at HSLC

High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEN. Additional intervention and support cannot compensate for a lack of good quality teaching.

In deciding whether to make special educational provision, the Learning Support Department, along with the subject teacher and/or Head of Faculty/Progress Leader, will consider all of the information gathered from within the school about the pupil’s progress, alongside national data and expectations of progress. For higher levels of need, HSLC will draw on more specialised assessments from external agencies and professionals. This may, depending on the perceived identified difficulty or need, require the parent/carer of the young person to initiate a specialist assessment through Health Services such as the GP. Some difficulties and needs cannot be assessed through professionals available to the school, with referrals to appropriate professionals being required to be made by the young person’s GP.

Consideration of whether special educational provision is required will start with the desired outcomes, including the expected progress and attainment. This should then help determine the support that is needed and whether it can be provided by adapting the school’s core offer or whether something different or additional is required.

If you have a child with SEN - either with or without an EHC Plab - then please make contact with Mrs Parnaby (SENCO) who can discuss the individual needs of your child further with you in an attempt to establish the provision that HSLC may be able to offer.

Enhanced Resource Provision

Hornsea School & Language College currently works in partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to provide an Enhanced Resource Provision (ERP) for young people with Autistic Spectrum Condition. Working with the Local Authority the ERP aims to remove barriers to achievement and narrow the gap so that everyone can reach their potential. The ERP aims to provide a socially inclusive education system that attempts to engage those children and young people whose needs cannot be met through mainstream provision, aiming to:

· Provide a specialist enhanced resource that offers a broad and balanced curriculum for children and young people who have an EHC Plan. · Provide a caring, stimulating and consistent environment in which pupils can learn.

Children and young people placed in the ERP benefit from personalised curriculum planning and delivery that is carefully designed to enhance pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural skills; encouraging pupils to aim for high standards in their own learning and achievement. The ERP enables flexibility between mainstream and enhanced resources; pupils attend mainstream lessons/activities as appropriate. Access and Eligibility (ERP)

The HSLC ERP works collaboratively with the ERYC SEN Team to identify whether the provision is able to meet the needs of an identified young person with an EHC Plan. Initial applications for placement at the ERP will be made through the ERYC SEN Panel through the EHC Assessment process or the Annual Review process. The HSLC ERP will only be able to give consideration to a consultation once all up to date information is available so fully informed decision making can take place. If space is available, a discussion will take place to ensure that the ERP can meet the child’s special educational needs and that the allocation of a place would also be compatible with the efficient education of the other children with whom the child is to be educated. Parents/Carers are not able to make a direct application to the HSLC ERP.

Further information is available on the ERYC Local Offer website here

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