State of the Nation Day 2015

9th January 2015

Dear Parent/Carer
I would like to draw you attention to the forthcoming Partial Closure day which is noted in our School Calendar. We are holding a GCSE State of the Nation Results Day on Friday 30th January 2015 for our current Year 11 students. This will mean that pupils in years 7 – 10 will not be required to attend school on this day. Sixth form students are welcome to attend school and work independently in the sixth form building. No lessons will be taught on this day.
This Day has been a valued part of our provision for a number of years.
Ofsted, when they conducted their full inspection wrote

“Accurate and regular tracking of students’ academic performance shows that initiative such as revision session, GCSE coursework sessions and intervention at the grade C/D borderline at GCSE are improving achievement”

Our improvement strategies were discussed during the most recent full school inspection. Partial closure days were specifically discussed with the lead inspector as being key components of our raised standards. The discussion concluded with very strong backing of all we do in regard to raising standards and attainment.

The reason we need to partially close is to free up our teaching staff so they are available to meet with students and their parents/carers. We cannot staff lessons in the usual way on this day.

The time will be used to review student progress following the recent PPE (Pre Public exams) and to clearly establish a schedule for the remainder of Y11. The students will spend some of the time meeting with a member of the teaching staff, and then Subject Teachers to discuss how they can improve their GCSE grade before the summer examinations. The rest of the time will be spent actioning these plans.

I appreciate your support for this day despite some inevitable inconvenience caused by our arrangements. I know you share our desire to continue to raise levels of attainment at Hornsea and build on the significant progress we have made in previous years.
If the above arrangements cause you particular difficulty please contact me at school so we can see if and how we can help.
Yours sincerely

Mr S Lawrence