Paper Communication

For some time now we have been using a home school communication system called Schoolcomms. This system allows us to use the contact details that you provide to us to be able to email and text you with any
school information that we need to get to you securely.  

We also use the Virtual Learning Environment, Real Time Reporting (Moodle), which allows you to keep a close track of your child’s progress through school. It contains information on their attendance, behaviour, achievements, timetable and assessments. You can access it using the username and password provided by the school (please e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require a log on).

I would like to outline to you our plans to extend the use of these systems to reduce paper communication, ensure that you receive important communication quickly and securely and reduce costs.

Letters home
From March 2014 we will send all letters to parents/carers via SchoolComms by email. For those parents that have already provided us with an email address you need to take no further action apart from to ensure that you monitor your email address regularly and update us of any changes to email addresses.  All letters of a general nature will also be available on our website.

Emergency messages for all parents
These will be sent by text via the Schoolcomms system. Parents/Carers who have not registered an up to date
mobile number with us will not receive an emergency text that is for a group of/all parents. Parents/Carers
who have not registered a mobile number with us would need to refer to the web site for updated emergency information. To ensure that you receive messages from the school in the most efficient way in an emergency we ask that you provide us with a current mobile number and tell us as soon as this changes so we can amend our database.

Emergency contact for individual parents
As has previously been the case, if the school needs to contact an individual parent urgently then this would be via a phone call to the telephone number held on our system. It is therefore important that you keep us up to date with any changes to contact details as soon as these occur.

Student Academic Reviews
We plan to move away from sending home the academic reviews to only using Real Time Reporting.  We feel this will allow parents/carers access to academic reviews as soon as they have been completed.  Real Time Reporting also allows you to review many areas of your child’s progress in school and is updated regularly by teachers.  Parents will be advised when a review is available via Schoolcomms.  

I hope that you will be willing to continue to support us in our move to improve our communication with you; this will benefit you as parents/carers but also the school as it allows us to effectively communicate current and up to date information regarding your child, significantly reducing administration costs in school.

You can help us reduce costs spent on text messages even further by downloading the Free School Gateway App and log in using the same email and mobile number you have supplied to school for your contact details.  Search for School gateway on either Apple store or Google Play.

If any of the processes listed above are inaccessible to you please contact the school by any convenient means to advise of this and to discuss alternative contact arrangements.

For your convenience I have enclosed a copy of the current contact details we have for you. For our records could you please check them and return a signed copy informing us of any changes by amending the enclosed form or by e mailing your amended details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please note that all communication sent via Schoolcomms will be sent to the contact details held as priority one, please ensure we have both a mobile number and e mail address for this contact.  

Yours sincerely

Mr S Lawrence