Extended Independent Tasks

Here you will find some ideas for further learning in the core areas of English, maths, science and languages.  
The work set here is not compulsory and does not replace your regular homework set by class teachers.  The idea here is to provide you with some ideas of ways to extend your learning and skills, by providing tasks you can either do alone, with other students, or with members of your family.  You should find that it builds on work you will do this term in class.
Any work completed should be shown to your class teacher who will make sure you get some feedback on it.
I hope you enjoy a challenge!


You have been logged on to the FSkills section of www.mymaths.co.uk to complete an enrichment task in addition to normal homework. This should reinforce the links between Mathematics and the real world.
To get to the materials, you first need to log on to the site.
Go to www.mymaths.co.uk and login at the top of the homepage.

Our school login is hornsea
Our school password is school

At the top left of the next screen you will see a link to the FSkills. Click it. This will take you to the Functional Skills tasks
Have you been set a task?

A task has been set for each term. Please select the appropriate task.
The tasks for this term are:

  •     Billionaire (year 7)
  •     Secret Agent (year 8)
  •     Making Sheets (Year 9)

If no lessons are appearing then you have a Pop-Up Blocker installed. You MUST allow MyMaths.co.uk to use Pop-Ups.


The English department are pleased to provide a range of extension activities designed to enhance your child’s study and enjoyment of the subject. Pupils will be able to pick and choose from activities such as, spelling quizzes, creative writing exercises, recommended reading lists and use links to relevant websites. Furthermore, your child can write reviews about books they have read and join our interactive book club. All of these features are available to your child on Moodle. All they need to do is click on the Moodle button on the school website. They will then need to login, using their school user name and password. To find the activities, pupils should look under “Courses” or “My home” and the page will be under the heading of “English Extended Activities”.
Please note these are non compulsory activities and do not replace the mandatory project based homework in English.


These four Y7 tasks are designed to enable all of our pupils to further extend their learning in Science. Each task covers a specific Y7 topic and is best completed during or after the topic has been covered in lessons. Any task which is completed will be given feedback by Science staff if desired. If you fancy a challenge then all you need is here, just select the appropriate task.

Click the links below to downloads the appropriate .zip files

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Your child will be studying French for 2 hours a week and either German or Spanish for 1 hour a week. We appreciate it can be difficult to know how to support your child with their language learning so are pleased to be able to provide tasks to support their learning on the school website. You will find all of the key language we will cover for the term, key verbs to learn and an additional task for your child to complete and bring in for their language teacher to provide feedback on. These materials are not intended to replace any homework set by the teacher; they are to designed to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

German Part 1

German Part 2