English is a dynamic, ever- changing subject, essential for success in life and for developing individual expression. We aim to equip learners with the necessary skills to communicate and express themselves with accuracy and we hope to inspire in learners a critical appreciation and engagement with the world in which we live. English is not just another qualification; it is an enabling tool for all learners, no matter what their interests or ambitions.

Through the study of a wide range of literature and media, learners are exposed to a variety of texts and topics. Lesson styles are varied and reviewed regularly to ensure that materials are not only accessible, but also inspiring, appealing and contemporary. Lively discussion, dramatic techniques and multi-modal creativity are also all embedded in our schemes of work.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum holds these cornerstones of creativity and communication at its heart. For example, in Year 7 students are encouraged to ‘Explore’ their first term of English, examining travel writing, advertising and ‘other worlds’. Shakespeare is also taught in this way in years 8 and 9, with an emphasis on using, performing and enjoying the language and characters. There are a wide range of creative writing activities throughout the key stage, providing opportunity for learners to express and develop their written ‘voice’.  In addition, National Competitions and activities are a strong part of the department, providing talented learners the chance to win recognition (and sometimes prizes!) for their skills.  

In each Key Stage 3 year, learners experience Reading and Writing assessments, one of each per term, with a view to celebrating consolidated learning and providing an opportunity to review and target weaker areas. Learners are given clear and detailed feedback about their progress and given specific, realistic targets for improvement.