BTEC Sport has a more vocational basis for the study of the human form and physical performance.   Students will study four units in total.

What will you be learning?

Unit 1: Anatomy & Physiology (mandatory)

You will investigate the structure and function of the body and how the different systems combine when we participate in physical exercise. Look at the differences between the short and long term impact of participation. This unit covers the muscular –skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and the energy systems.

Unit 2: Fitness Training & Programming for Health, Sport & Well-Being (mandatory)

Explore how lifestyle factors (alcohol, smoking, levels of physical activity, stress and diet) have an effect our health. You will develop an understanding of nutritional needs and training methods linked in to a number of individual sporting demands.

Unit 3: Professional Development in the Sports Industry (mandatory)

Students explore the career and job opportunities within the sports industry and create a skill development action plan. Recruitment processes are researched for an area of interest, leading to completion of job applications and interviews.

Optional Unit (selected through discussions with students)

  • Sports Leadership – What makes a great captain? Exploring the skills, qualities and characteristics of being a sports leader. The psychology behind a number of successful leadership styles.
  • Application of Fitness Testing – How to maximise your fitness for performance. Looking at the validity and reliability of the principles of fitness testing across a number of components of fitness. Be able to assess individuals and provide feedback about their performance and areas for development.
  • Sports Psychology – Usain Bolt is the ultimate showman, how does this impact upon his performance? How does personality, motivation and competitive pressure affect performance in sport. Examine group dynamics and leadership within team performances and to be able to develop psychological skills training programmes.
  • Practical Sports Performance – For a range of sports students will need to examine the rules, laws and regulations as well as the skills tactics and techniques to perform across these sports. To be able to show that they have developed their performance and reflect upon their journey so far.

How is it assessed?

Unit 1: Written external examination, 1hr30, 33.3%

Unit 2: Externally set task, undertaken in controlled conditions & externally marked, 2hrs, 33%

Unit 3: Internal assessment, 16%

Optional unit: Internal assessment, 16%

Entry Requirements

Grade C in GCSE PE or GCSE Biology