Economics and Business Studies

Economics B - A Level 


Don’t be put off if you haven’t studied like this before, this will suit you if you:

·      Prefer written exams to coursework.

·       Are interested in current affairs

·       Like to solve real life business problems

·       Want to gain a good commercial understanding of the world.


What will you be learning?

You will look at what is happening in the world today: We regularly watch clips relating issues to current world events.  We look at issues from a range of points of view and you are encouraged to form your own opinion on things like whether Primark’s prices really are too good to be true given their ethical policy; whether Brexit was a good idea or the future of beer and mobile phones in Africa.


Year 12

Theme 1: Markets, consumers and firms

·      Solving The Economic Problem

·      The role of Entrepreneurs

·       Supply and Demand

·       Accounting and Finance


Theme 2: The wider economic environment

·      Getting ahead in business

·      Life in a global economy

·       The economic cycle

·       The role of the government


Year 13

Theme 3: The global economy 

·      Globalisation

·      Multinational corporations

·      Inequality and redistribution.


Theme 4: Making markets work

·      Competition and market power

·      Market failure

·      How and when the government should get involved


How is it assessed?

Paper 1: Markets & How They Work, exam, 2hrs, 35%

Paper 2: Competing in a Global Economy, exam, 2hrs, 35%

Paper 3: Economic Environment & Business, exam, 2hrs, 30%


Entry requirements


5 A*-C  or equivalent 9-4 GCSE including  English & Maths. Interest in Humanities sits well with this course. You must be happy to use maths to answer simple problems as 20% of the assessment uses these skills.