Computing (BTEC Level 3)

This course has been designed to allow students to familiarise themselves with the subject knowledge and skills in computer science and computer systems, enabling learners to progress to further study of the sector or other computing related sectors.

What will you be learning?

Year 12

Unit 2: Fundamentals of a computer system

Explore the relationship between hardware and software as part of a computer system. You will examine the way computer components work both  individually and together to store and   process data, and the way in which data is transmitted and used in computer systems.

You will explore the impact that computing systems have on organisations and individuals.

Unit 7: IT Systems security and encryption

Investigate the many different types of   security attack, the vulnerabilities that exist and techniques that can be used to defend the IT systems of organisations. You will learn about the complexities of configuring and supporting these networks. You will also explore how encryption can be used to protect data.

You will plan and apply suitable protection to an IT system and test it to ensure the protection is effective. You will configure an IT system’s access control settings to control user access to various IT system resources, including files, folders and printers. Finally, you will review the protection that you have applied to an IT system and consider how effective it might be in defending the system from attack.

Year 13 

Unit 15: Website development

You will review existing websites –     commenting on their overall design and effectiveness. You will use scripting languages such as Hypertext Mark-up   Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript® and a simple text editor, or rapid application development tools. Finally, you will reflect on the website design and functionality using a testing and review process.

Unit 1: Principles of computer science

Explore the logical and structured ways that computer systems process data to   develop programs, processes and systems that solve specific problems.

You will examine the features of effective computer programming and apply accepted computing and programming paradigms. You will analyse, develop and evaluate algorithms and computer code, and propose and apply solutions to ensure that computer systems are fit for purpose. In this unit, you will draw on your learning from across your programme to complete assessment tasks.

How is it assessed?

Y12, Unit 7: Portfolio work,

Y12, Unit 2: External examination,

Y13, Unit 1: External examination

Y13, Unit 15: Portfolio work

Entry Requirements

Minimum functional skills L1 or equivalent in ICT.

Minimum 4 grade in GCSE English language.