Fine Art - A Level

Welcome to the A level Art course. Over the next two years you will have the opportunity to develop your artistic skills using a wide range of media and techniques.


You will need to be self-motivated and have an open mind. This will allow your work to develop in exciting and inspirational ways. You may well develop completely new ways of working and you will get credit for this.


Art is a wonderfully exciting, rewarding and enriching subject and the Art Department at Hornsea School is committed to helping you realise your potential and enjoy your Art education, but it is you and your ideas that will really make the course a success and we are really looking forward to seeing what you can achieve. We really hope that you enjoy the course.

Mrs J Egan – Head of Art


How can you get the most out of the courses?

You should possess a genuine interest in the subject and be self motivated and willing to experiment with materials and techniques. The course provides an exciting opportunity to further develop creative ability. You will continue to develop your understanding of aesthetics, form, composition, materials and the need to be able to solve problems creatively. The course ideally requires  development of the skills already attained at GCSE level. The course follows AQA Art and Design – Fine Art.



How will you benefit from the course?


The skills learnt through the course will equip you for future creative careers such as artist, architect, product designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, photographer or stage set designer to name but a few, but it also provides a sound background for other less obvious careers where the ability to think differently and creatively gives an individual the edge on the competition. Self expression is actively encouraged through the artwork, the written word and discussion. These are valuable tools for all aspects of future life. The Art Department is committed to providing a diverse, innovative course which will provide a rewarding and exciting element to your A Level choices.

 Component 1: Personal Investigation

  No time limit

  96 marks

 60% of A-level

You will undertake a practical investigation into an idea, theme, issue or concept. This practical work will be supported by written material. The focus of the investigation will be identified independently by you and will lead to a finished outcome(s) (a final piece of work). The investigation will demonstrate your ability to develop a cohesive line of argument whilst evidencing your practical skill. A wide range of techniques will be explored using an appropriate range of materials.


 Component 2 : Externally set assignment

 Preparatory period +15 hours supervised time

 96 marks

 40% of A-level

You will be provided with an externally set question paper. The question paper consists of a choice of eight questions to be used as starting points. You will be required to choose one of these questions as the focus for your investigations. The question papers will be provided on 1st February or as soon as possible after this date. Following the preparatory period you will undertake 15 hours of unaided supervised time in which they will develop an outcome or a series of outcomes.


Art Department Expectations


Please ensure that you read the following information and share it with your parents / guardians.


By opting to do an A Level Art course you are making a commitment. We are committed to providing you with the best possible opportunities to develop your artistic ability. In return our expectation is that you will do your best at all times and work effectively to reach your potential. As an A Level student you will experience greater freedom than in the past, but there are a number of ground rules that must be kept in mind:



Internal deadlines for coursework and exam work must be met. Deadlines will be clearly communicated to you by your teacher. Pressure of work from other subject areas should not be used as an excuse for missed deadlines or underdeveloped work. You will be provided with clear guidance throughout the course to ensure that your work is progressing at the correct pace.


Independent work

You will be expected to complete independent work every week 


Be ready to work

You must attend every lesson and arrive promptly. You should also ensure that you have the correct equipment with you to progress your work. This will include your sketchbook.


Attendance at after school support/study sessions


If it is felt that you are not making appropriate progress you will be given the opportunity to attend after school support sessions. Alternatively we will expect you to use your study periods effectively in the art department.  The expectation is that you will attend until your work is back on track. We do have an ‘open door’ policy so you are welcome to work in the art rooms, or art study room (behind the greenhouse) at ANY time.