Cambodia Project Fundraiser 2018

In June/July 2018 a group of 6th From students will be travelling again to Cambodia to support the work of a charitable non-governmental organisation 40km north of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The organisation is called My Happy Village Cambodia or MHVC for short and they provide education and support to a commune of several villages in a very poor and deprived region of Siem Reap.  Similarly to last year, students will be working/volunteering in the two schools that are run by MHVC during the visit as well as helping to build wash rooms/toilet facilities in 3 or 4 village homes where there is greatest need.  Over 40% of homes in this area do not have such facilities and as a result much illness and disease come from lack of hygiene and access to clean fresh water.  The funds that we raise will enable us to buy the resources in Cambodia for the projects that students will be undertaking there.

 To enable us to buy resources, including the building materials for this volunteering work, the group have been busy raising funds. Just before Christmas the group did a bag-pack at Tesco, Hornsea which raised an incredible £700 towards the project.  We are now raising funds via our 150 Club – a monthly draw scheme, where we hope to raise a further £800+










Sixth Form 150 Club Fundraiser for Cambodia:

By joining our 150 Club for a one-off payment of £12, members will be allocated their own number (between 1 and 150)which will be entered into a monthly draw for 6 months. There will be a cash prize of £100 for the number that is drawn each month. The draw will take place in school on the last school day of the month for each month.  Winners will be informed after each draw and published on the school website.

We still have a few unsold membership numbers, which can be purchased for a reduced fee of £10, if purchased in February (in time for the February draw) . If you wish to join, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a membership form.

The current List of members and their numbers can be found by clicking here


January Draw Winner:  #1 Lesley Page

February Draw Winner:  #94 Mr E. Robinson

March Draw Winner: # 46 Mr A. Cobb

April Draw Winner: #108 Miss H O'Connor

May Winner Mrs M Knapton

 June Winner Mr D Brocklehurst


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After the incessant support from the HSLC staff during KS4


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