Great Freshers Week Bake Off

An enthusiastic group of budding bakers entered our Freshers Week Bake Off. From a Victoria sponge base, competitors could be as simplistic or creative as they wished. Using fabulous decorations supplied by Greencore, the group jazzed their cakes and submitted their entries.

The wow-factor certainly went to Kaylee's chequerboard masterpiece and huge praise was given to Hannah's tempered chocolate decorations. The flavour award went to the boys' orange Halloween-esk cake, the best sponge to Lisa's vanilla madeira cake and the overall winning cake for decoration and taste was.... Chloe's blue and pink ribboned cake!

Well done to everyone who took part, all the cakes looked and tasted amazing. Greencore have generously invited all of our competitors to tour their factory and have a go at creating their own cakes in their kitchens!